SHR Implementation Problem

After Fresh installation with base dump trying to connect with SHR. I have done the following steps:

  • Select a hospital & get the HRM list of that hospital & other SHR relevant credentials
  • Installed Bangladesh specific HIE interface modules
  • create user using the HRM code of any doctor in that hospital
  • set up facility credentials (catchment code, facilityId, email, password, api token, clientId) and other HIE interfacing modules (shr omod, terminology omod) & set bahmni permission
  • restart openmrs service
  • register a new patient but health Id not found.

Now not getting healthId. I have checking failed_events table & openmrs log file. In failed_events table , i have found the bellow error.


Openmrs log:

Can you please suggest me how can i overcome these error & successfully get healthId & successfully sync with shr.

Backend Service Status:

TR Server

  • Bdshr-terminology-server is running
  • Datasense is running

SHR Server

  • Bdshr is running
  • Freeshr-update is running
  • Shr-migration-service is not recognize

MCI Server

  • Mci is running
  • Healthid is running
  • Mci-lr is not recognize
  • Mci-background-jobs is not recognize
  • Httpd is running


@rakib.hasan this has nothing to do with Bahmni product. These are relevant to another project altogether. Please contact me on mail.

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