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Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.8

Question The Open MRS style guide has a test page for the summary dashboard. There are links below the widgets that say more information. Are these design ideas of has someone implemented the functionality to view more information per widget?

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@lwgeorge Not sure what you mean by more information on each widget. Can you provide more info, maybe a rough sketch.

The description of what each widget does is summarized here

This is a test screen in the style guide for openMRS, below each widget you can see a show more info link. Is this just an idea or is there a module to support this functionality?

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@lwgeorge The dashboard widgets are designed to show snapshots of data at once, therefore do not have the show more info link.

Thank-you for the feedback. we were hoping to click the show more info and launch a new page or modal to view a list of e.g. diagnoses and results with further actions like add and edit etc.

@lwgeorge The dashboard widgets are different from the ones you are talking about the diagnoses, which already have the link.

Which dashboard widget in particular do you want with a link? Maybe we are talking about two different things.

We want to build an NCD clinical note for the clinician to capture findings. The clinician can capture e.g. Patient medical history, family history, allergies, review of systems, examination, vitals/Obs, diagnostic tests orders, results, diagnosis, medication, referrals and next appointment in the note. We want to know what widgets are available to display all those findings captured in the HTML form. Ideally all info captured in the note display in a widget and ideally each widget can be expanded into a list with add/edit/cancel actions. In that way the clinician has one workflow/ place in the system to capture clinical findings at the point of care where time is a challenge as opposed to navigating to different parts of the system. We also want to add lab results to orders requested via the NCD note. Do you know of anyone who has configured the reference app to support this flow? We would love to connect with them? I am referring to this dashboard with widgets

@lwgeorge Can you sketch how the data collection and the display in the end would look like - it can be a low fi sketch with pen and paper, to help us provide focused advice.

@lwgeorge - would be interested in having you connect with @ball and @ddesimone on overlap with what we are building (and have already built) for NCD notes with similar functionality as you describe at PIH.


Sounds brilliant, how can we set that up? My mail is

@lwgeorge - We’ll arrange a conversation in the next days. We have much of what you describe, but are still working on a few areas of improvements.

Just to provide an overview of what we currently do at University Hospital in Mirebalais (Haiti), here are some screenshots:

Dashboard: We will be working on improving this in the next months. We are expecting to include lab+med order/results, NCD-specific alerts, weight/bmi graphs, missed appts, etc. ncd-dashboard

NCD Intake and Followup forms: We have adult forms, but looking to add specific areas for children (ie. sickle cell, more…)

history… ncd-intake-history-1

exam…much longer and age/gender appropriate areas… ncd-exam-2

diagnosis… ncd-diagnosis-3

ncd specific questions… ncd-section-4

plan – including labs, images, meds, next appt… ncd-plan-5

plus vitals which are done as patient arrives at health facility and outside of the clinician visit…

Is there a way to create dummy " HEALTH TREND SUMMARY" data ?

HEALTH TREND SUMMARY widget was created inform of app configuration take a look here , i hope it can be configurable to meet your needs

The issue was not wether it’s there , the issue was to display obsacrossencounter data , which i think is an issue in coreapps 1.31.0

Ref : RefApp 2.11 QA: Did we intend to create multiple new time durations in the patient dashboard?