show/hide forms/templates in Bahmni

I want to be able to hide obs forms/templates based on a condition in Bahmni. As far as I’ve gathered, there is no way to achieve that on the fly. I think I’ll have to do some source code modification. Can I only achieve this in the development environment? Can’t I just edit some files in the live environment?

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Bahmni 0.93 will have privilege based access to forms (especially Forms 2.0). As of now, there is no configuration element out-of-box. If you are willing to do some development as customization, then it can be done.

Indeed. As I mentioned earlier, I know there is no way to achieve that on the fly. Let me explain specifically what I’m trying to achieve.

I want to hide/disable some forms in the Obs section (see picture) based on the user logged in. So to achieve that, I created a privilege “secondVitals” and changed the extension.json file in the Clinical Apps folder to that. See picture. So I assumed when I won’t assign the privilege to a role, the user won’t be able to open that form, but that didn’t work. What am I doing wrong here?

I know that I have to edit some source code files to hide that button, but do I really have to setup a development environment? Can’t I just edit the html files in the bahmni-web folder? If so, can you tell which files to edit?