Show data from the previous visit

This is the scenario: Patient comes at for a consult. I record everything (History, Examination, Treatment, Rx, Lab etc) and I decide to book the patient for a procedure after (for ex.) 1 week. Patient comes the second time and I perform a Procedure. I record a procedure note but there’s no need to record anything else (like Hx, Tx, Rx, Lab etc). I want to print a document that contains Identification data, the Procedure note and the History and Examination recorded the previous date (ONLY that from the last time, not the ones recorded before; so this would be the latest information, but not from the actual day of the procedure). In order to do that I added a new section in visit.jason (dischargeSummaryProcedure) as shown in the .json provided (with “numberOfVisits”: “2”). I expected that Bhmni would try to display the current date data (which is absent) and the data from the visit from before. But it shows nothing!

Am I doing something wrong?

clinical@visit_21.06.txt (10.1 KB)