Show Birthdate in Patient Registration's Search

Someone already asked this in another thread, but there’s no satisfied answer, because the person using PersonAttributes. How Can I show birth date in the search result of the registration app? There are already a default column state “Age”, but I want to change or add additional column for birth date, and it’s not Person Attributes so it can’t be set from app.json. I tried to change this line #83

but the column show empty result when I change from ‘result.age’ to ‘result.birthdate’ How this can be done?

bump up the question :smiley:

Yes, birthDate is not a patient attribute.

See this code which maps the OpenMRS person/patient into the UI patient object. This should help you figure out how to get date Of birth in the results:

Thank you, I found in the compiled registration.min.js, it is birthDate with capital D, so it’s just me who don’t write the right case sensitive variable.

I think the API sends as “birthdate” (no camel case)