should the two code style/convention wiki pages be merged?

@wyclif and I stumbled on the fact that there are two wiki pages that talk about code style and conventions

seems confusing to me, I think these should be merged



if you agree, Ill be happy to do it. Since the 1. page is more elaborate and also linked to by I think it should stay and be enhanced.


Interesting! Just go ahead and do the needful! :smile:

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added conventions that where only here: to which should now be the goto page for coding conventions and style.

and in my opinion can now be removed. @dkayiwa can you do that? I cant.


Sounds fine to me to merge them

@wyclif or @dkayiwa can anyone of you delete that page? I dont have permission.

Done. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

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good start of the day :coffee: :grin:

Hahahahah :guitar: