Should patients be allowed to have the same auto-generated ID?

Platform Version: 1.11.3 Build 03b68a OpenMRS: 2.2

Hello everyone,

Still discovering OpenMRS (on my own) in preparation for a more “formal” test of the system in a small Togolese hospital (hopefully starting in the next 3 months).

Following advice gathered in this forum (thank you Mark, Darius, Andrew and Michael!), I am working with Platform version 1.11.3 Build 03b68a completed with the full package of modules that make up the Reference Application OpenMRS 2.2. It looks very promising… I can see more and more precisely how it will be beneficial for the team (and the patients) in the Togolese hospital that will soon “test drive” it.

I have a question, though…

  • Through the new interface, it seems to be possible to give several Patients the same (OpenMRS generated) ID… Is that normal ?
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