Should metadata be updatetable on re-posting

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I Have been working on this issue and in the current web services rest module its possible to make changes on metadata property key values (ie name) when updating the metadata eg changing the encounter type name property from patient discharge to a patient transfer while still with the same patient discharge uuid and hence a new instance of encounter type is created with a new uuid,one should be able to post directly to the EncounterType endpoint and change the name, etc.

However i think the idea is that you shouldn’t be able to by mistake change a piece of metadata when updating some data that refers to that metadata.

Requesting for your thoughts on this :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d certainly agree with that. These should be atomic operations - you shouldn’t be able to create or change metadata when operating against a data endpoint. Metadata should always be treated as references in these cases.

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@mseaton so in this scenario, is it that only the metadata property “name” that shouldn’t be changed or all the the properties of a particular metadata when operating against an endpoint?

I would think that, for example, if you are posting to the encounter endpoint, you should not be able to modify any part of encounterType in the process, only reference it.

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thanks @mseaton for clarifying this :ok_hand:

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