Short time Alternative for JDK Download

Hello Family Niyo lynate Here, New to the Community but unable to install JDK and Interllij for sometime. any Help please. also would like to know if there is any alternative for online practice here i can be using meanwhile. Am using Windows 10.

Hi, @niyolynate this video could come in handy. How to Install JDK on Windows and intellij windows - YouTube you may also read the whole article here. It is recommended to install the latest JDK but you may want to install 1.8.0 for very specific reasons such as running most of the OpenMRS modules.

Dear @niyolynate for the IDE you could try other such as eclipse which is easy to install and run Download Eclipse link

I Tried downloading, got the JDK, and had it in place but failed on Intellij, my pc almost failed. I overloaded with lots of unfinished downloaded apps. really need an online alternative for a while till i can redo the procedure.

I don’t think you really need to use an online editor, :sweat_smile: Like I said in the above post. Eclipse is very lite since you don’t have enough processing power on the current pc

Or please share some of the errors that are being shown so that we could help you out. (Just take a screenshot)

I made it finally, thank you so very much for the links. Eclipse on Java 11. is what i managed to install

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