Short-term wins for Platform Team

During the 14 July Platform Team discussion, we decided, while we work to coordinate a Platform 2.5 release, it would helpful in the meantime to have some short-term wins for the Platform Team – i.e., small, discrete enhancement(s) we could make in a few weeks or less.

Two initial thoughts:

  1. Tomcat 8.5+ support
    As @tanderson recently brought up, Tomcat 7 reached end of life 31 March 2021, so we should be supporting and shipping the platform with a more recent version of Tomcat.

  2. Faster startup time
    Recent work on the Platform (e.g., TRUNK-5968) has significantly improved startup time by creating more current database snapshots. Building on this, having automated snapshots for the database and for demo data integrated into our CI and SDK workflows would allow OpenMRS instances to be brought up in a fraction of the time.

I would prefer the Platform team prioritize…

  • Support for Tomcat 8.5+
  • Faster startup time
  • Something else – see discussion below for my idea(s)

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