Sharing data across multiple program dashboards

From my understanding, data that is captured in one program can be displayed in the program dashboard. Alternatively the general clinical dashboard can display all of the data captured for a single patient. However, I can’t see a way to make data captured outside of a program available within a program dashboard, or to make data collected in one program available in the dashboard for another program.

An example of where this might be needed is for a HIV result. This might be captured within a HIV testing and treatment program but it would be good if the observations from the HIV testing could be displayed in the TB program or in the ANC program. And at the same time to exclude that data from some other programs. Another example might be if you had separate screening and diagnosis program vs care and treatment programs. Diagnostic tests might be recorded as part of the screening and diagnosis program but you would want them to be available as part of the baseline for care and treatment.

I was just wondering if anyone has found a way to enact this kind of functionality, of if not, whether there are any suggestions for a workaround.

Hi @gchan, [quote=“gchan, post:1, topic:8876”] Alternatively the general clinical dashboard can display all of the data captured for a single patient. [/quote]

Yes. It is possible. Bahmni has support for patient default clinical dashboard which will display all the patient data. If you look at Bahmni Demo , there is default patient dashboard configured under “Clinical” module. Bahmni Home-> Clinical->Click on Patient ID link which takes you to dashboard. For example this link opens default patient dashboard. You can refer this this to configure Patient Default Dashboard.

The difference between Patient Default Dashboard and Patient Program Specific Dashboard is in its url. With ProgramUuid, enrollment(patient_program uuid), dateEnrolled, the dashboard filters the specific data and shows only that. Example URLs: Default - Program Specific -

I think the question is having both program specific as well as default dashboard at a time in same dashboard.

Hi Sravanthi - that’s exactly it. Apologies if I didn’t explain clearly. To return to my second example let’s say I set up two programs: 1) a TB diagnosis program and 2) a TB treatment program. As part of the diagnosis program I enter the results of a bacteriological test. The test is positive and I enrol the patient into the TB treatment program. At the moment I can’t find a way to include that initial bacteriological test in the TB treatment program dashboard. It is relevant and needed as it is the baseline for treatment. As you’ve pointed out I can see it if I look at the general clinical dashboard but what I was hoping for was a suggestion to get it to display in the TB treatment program dashboard. I hope this makes it a bit clearer.

Hi @gchan, I understood what you meant but it was the feature request that we had that Program specific dashboard should only show its specific data. At present its not possible to make the Program Specific patient dashboard show data other than current program. Thats why i was trying to give a work around. A better workaround for link to dashboard is Navigation Link on Dashboard.

CarePlan is something being discussed to solve this scenario. Please follow the thread here.

This is something that the PIH team has also been exploring recently. We focused on it a bit in a design call 2 weeks ago.

I believe our takeaway was to avoid using the program dashboard for now, and to try to accomplish our goals with the standard clinician dashboard with multiple tabs configured with specific contextual content.

@cioan and @ddesimone can comment more on how that has been going.


Yes, as @mseaton mentions, what we are trying now is to ONLY use the general clinical dashboard. We have built a program-specific tab on that dashboard that displays the data just from the forms related to that program. Unfortunately, the tab will show for all patients, not just those enrolled in the program. Also, when entering data, there is no way to restrict the available forms to only those in a certain program. It’s not ideal, but it may be an acceptable workaround.


As part of Bahmni 2017 roadmap, support for Care Plans is scheduled. Please follow / vote on this card:

We will start a public viewable Google document soon on this which will detail out our research work on Care Plans. We aim to target creating features in Bahmni that can help in use cases for support of HIV, TB, Diabetes care plans/patient tracking/etc. More details in next 4 weeks.

cc/ @sruti @prabhu @kartikn

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The Care Plan functionality is interesting to us, and I can provide feedback on those requirements when/where it’s appropriate.

However, I’m not sure that Care Plans will solve the issues we are discussing with programs here. What I think would be useful for basic program monitoring would be the ability to flexibly associate forms with certain programs without restricting that data to those program dashboards only. i.e. to be able to capture something like Vitals either from the program dashboard or from the general dashboard and have those obs be viewable from either dashboard. If this kind of thing is being provided by care plans, that would be great, but I haven’t seen it in the documentation so far.

Also, by the way @gchan - the other thing we did to workaround this problem that I didn’t mention in my previous mail is that we configured the program enrollment widget and the program status widget (which are currently only on the programs page) on the general dashboard so that we don’t need that program page at all.

Thanks, Dave

Hi all, thanks for the many good suggestions - I think we should be able to get to a workable solution based on them. I guess the care plans might help if they allow you to organise observations and encounters from multiple programs (or from outside of programs) into a single dashboard. I think a feature that gives you the ability to associate specific data with more than one program and have it display in the appropriate display controls would really increase the utility of programs in OpenMRS/Bahmni by allowing programs to display all of the program-relevant information (and only the program-relevant information) on a patient to health care workers