Sharing availability

Hi everyone!

When you want to know when or if a meeting is happening, we have What’s Happening This Week pinned on Talk.

But what about when you’re looking for someone and they don’t seem to be on Talk or Slack? Are they taking a few days off? Working from a different location on a different time zone? Out sick? At a conference or workshop? How long will they be out? When can you expect them to be back?

We don’t really have a quick and easy way of figuring out where some of us are in these cases. What if we had a single place that you could go to for that information?

Here are four of the suggestions about where we each might go to share our availability - and find out where someone we’re looking for might be:

  1. Add an event to the OMRS calendar
  2. Have a “Where is?” calendar on the Wiki
  3. Have a dedicated Talk thread or Slack channel that works a little like Please introduce yourself - but where you can post where you are/will be & the dates/times that you won’t be available. Like an out of office message.
  4. Set up a googlesheet with a day/month table and use conditional formatting to show those days someone is working remotely, out sick, on vacation, etc.

Any other ideas out there?

Which of these do you think would be the easiest to use?

  • OOO type event on OMRS calendar
  • Dedicated Talk thread
  • Dedicated Slack channel
  • Googlesheet matrix

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Quick update! Most people wanted to share and see each others’ availability as an “out of office” event on the OpenMRS Calendar. If you’re curious about what that might look like, check out the entries for this week and next circled on the OMRS calendar snapshot below - or look at our calendar’s week view on our Wiki: