Shared Drives for Google Docs

Hi everyone,

I know we use google docs (in addition to wiki and notes) for all sort of things.

Google docs are an administrative nightmare. They are treated as private data, belonging to a single user, and admins cannot change ownership or search for files.

Google Docs released a new feature recently, shared drive, which treat files as organisation documents (and not private documents). There’s no concept of ‘owner’ for files inside a shared drive, and admins can actually administrate drivers.

I’ve migrated a bunch of files to shared drivers. If you have an @openmrs email, you have access to create shared drivers (add files, remove, add collaborators, and so on).

I’m migrating all files to a shared drive instead of a regular folder. If you have any documents you think are important (and shouldn’t be lost because you won the lottery and never logged again to your email), make sure to move them to shared drivers.

Just keep personal documents in ‘My Drive’.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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