Share thesame module folder across multiple instances of openmrs

I have this need to run multiple instances of openmrs with different databases but my problem is that, whenever I start tomcat, it takes a whole lot of time because each of these instances will have to load all the modules in their modules’ folder.

Is there a way i can make these multiple instances to share the same modules folder? Please i need your kind support.


well what i am used of is to actually start the server for each instance at a time or run different servers on different ports.And running different servers at a time has to take some resources of your machine for example the ram and the delay is expected if you are running several servers on different ports at once

@smarthech do you get all your instances running by simply starting tomcat at a given port?

Thank @herbert24 , I have explored this option too. it’s similar to loading the same module for each instance which i am trying to avoid and also the resources it requires to run on different ports.

Yes all the instances share thesame port.

well the actual thing would be to run on different ports if you want to run instances at the same time,for example http://localhost:8080/openmrs and http://localhost:8081/openmrs