Setup DCM4CHEE Server with Oviyam2 Issue

Referring to Bahmni Wiki:

Please more details on “/packages/servers” & " /packages/build" folders and how can i download packages to them?

Installation of DCM4CHEE can not be completed as a result of this confusion.

Please help,



How did you install bahmni ?

using the new command line called “bahmni” based off installing RPMs

Did you change your inventory file to install dcm4chee ? Follow this

yeas, i did the problem is related to prerequisites of DCM4CHEE to work properly, Jboss and how to install it correctly? and how can i access “/packages/servers” & " /packages/build" folders to install these prerequisites?

Where did you find the prerequisites ?

As mentioned in: in the section


  1. Download Yum Repo

i want more details on this section

You are following different documentation. Thats an older way of installation.

Please follow this

You need to modify the inventory file. add localhost or IP address under[dcm4chee], [dcm4chee-db]

Ok, I already have done.


after instaliing bamni with all subsystems according to Advanced Instalation.and trying to start dcm4chee it gives error related to Jboss

Please paste a screenshot / logs of the error you see. It will help in debugging the problem.



Which version of Centos are you using ?

Hi @ahmedgad, The issue basically is that JBoss is not able to reach to the machine with the hostname > centos-8gb-1on1-01 (as it appears in screenshot)

Do you have a dns server running in your lan? Is it resolving the host to the correct machine? In any case putting an entry like below in your /etc/hosts file could solve the problem localhost centos-8gb-1on1-01

A google search like below suggests that others have also faced this issue in the past

And the root cause could be

  • misbehaviour of or absence of dns server

  • permissions issue on /etc/hosts

Reading through some of the threads in the above google search could help you resolve this faster.

Let us know if it helps.