Setting up jfrog Artifactory for custom build artifacts Integration with Travis/maven

Hello Friends,
While at Digital Health Society we are trying to setup a jfrog artifactory to support our builds integrations with our artifacts built with travis ci integrations ,One of the main use case is to see our builds in our jfrog artifactory using travis after uploading them to ur jfrog repo however this is still failing on my case , Not sure whether we need to first integrate with any ci server like bamboo, or jenkins for our builds to reflect in jfrog repository

Secondly we want to be able to achieve an integration with our referenceapplication distro with our remote server in that if any module that depends on refApp -distro have any commits commited and pushed to jrog repo can easily reflect on our server up to date not sure if this can be achieved using jfrog without any integrated ci server

Using maven setting up artifacts would ideally be a great idea since it updates artifacts automatically via maven settings on a repo pushed onto jfrog though setting it up have not successfully triggered the builds cc @prapakaran can add more details of our use case at DHS , Kindly we need suggestions to achieve this behaviour @ibacher @cintiadr @dkayiwa @k.joseph @prapakaran @mozzy

Is there a need to set up your own separate artifactory?

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Thanks actually we have already setup artifactory JFrog except setting up locally but i think that means it wont be used for production purposes, thanks for the reponse @k.joseph

You need to maintain your separate distro fork configured to publish to your artifactory but i still wouldn’t see a necessity to publish to your own except for your own custom module(s) which you can configure to point to yours

Sure does this implies using maven.settings.xml in distro pom.xml file

Thanks for the response, Let look through it

Thanks @k.joseph the link has helped me to figure out how we can configure maven artifacts as seen here however we cant see our builds still in the jfrog, Presumably i think its the time to setup the ci server to see the builds cc @k.joseph @dkayiwa @prapakaran

are you able to upload and navigate through your artifacts now?

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Thanks @k.joseph ,Sure am able to navigate through artifacts however am not able to see the builds of the artifact i uploaded, but i think we wont be able to achieve that using only jfrog because even openmrs jfrog artifactory doesn’t support that not sure if thats achievable without configuring ci server

To Automate the Process , you would need to set up a CI/CD pipeline using any OPenSource CI tool . You have been our release manager so am sure your more familiar with Bamboo ,not sure whether its OPenSource ,but it can get your Job done pretty well.

Thanks @mozzy for your suggestion ,Am in the process of setting up bamboo ci/cd server locally though am not sure if this is helpful on production level, unless bamboo provides free cloud host servers which would be a great idea, Am still looking forward for this use case thanks @mozzy

i dont think so :slightly_smiling_face:

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