Setting up CI pipeline to integrate the test results of 3.X E2E tests.

Hi all. The next step of the Improving 3.X E2E project will be to integrate the test results with QA dashboard results. We have changed the test backend to a local instance instead of using the cloud instance. So now we are using a dockerized instance contains the both front end and the backend. Currently, I have created GitHub actions for this purpose. This thread is created to get verify which ci pipeline is suitable for this purpose.

  1. Use Github actions
  2. Use bamboo

Let me know your suggestion on which is the best for this implementation.

cc: @zacbutko @jayasanka @bistenes @kdaud


Well done @pasindur2 , i think Github Actions will do the work. Since we have been using same CI/CD pipleline. Presumably it will be much easier for us.