Setting up Bahmni in multiple facilities.

Use case :- Let’s say we are planning to set up Bahmni across multiple facilities.

Now I have gone through the demo ( and was able to see how Bahmni presents a unified interface for complete hospital management solution integrating multiple underlying services - Open ELIS (Lab information management), Open ERP (Billing and Inventory management) and Open MRS.

However, I have few questions to clarify :-

  1. Assuming I have multiple health facilities to cater, do I need to run a single instance or multiple instances of services if I were to setup as described in
  2. Should I follow the steps from aforementioned link to setup a server OR Do I need to follow setup for developers. The point is I just started with Bahmni and don’t know what kind of enhancement requests might come up down the line. So I am planning to get a setup where I could accomodate new feature requests as well.

Thanks in advance