Setting up Ampath Forms against a new front end module For custom control

Hi folks

I want to run the form engine against a new front end module for purposes of getting new custom control for drawing and annotating images.

discussion here

On running installing dependencies by npm install throws the error;

contents of the error log file located at /home/thembo/.npm/_logs/2023-06-16T04_52_54_557Z-debug-0.log


numbing the node_modules dir still does not throws the same


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I don’t think we should be fetching @ampath-kenya/ngx-openmrs-formentry at all. The new form engine is GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-ngx-formentry: An OpenMRS 3.0 Form Engine, so it could be an issue with dependency versions. @dennis could this be the case?

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Thanks @achachiez

was able to get a prod build with a dist/ngx-formentry directory so i want to install local copy of the form entry library into openmrs-esm-drawing forked version of the esm-template . Do i need to tansfer this to o3 as o3 ships with custom version of the Form Engine?

objective: make custom controls with forms

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