set up - in practice

Hello, and sorry when this topic exists … then please refer me to it, thank you!!

My question is the set-up, in practice.

1/ After reading and trying a lot, might I think that: Ref application, version 2.4, is most stable and recent; (and we might add some modules) 2/ on a Centos (6?) system … question: Ubuntu server or Centos? Centos seems to have longer duration of versions (which is good for our case)

would you agree? Do you have experience? If so, which version do you use?

3/ backup … that is an open topic. Could you please give us some hints as to: do we need another machine? or the cloud? (there, the internet [=connection to the www] is not stable nor always given)

could you please share your experience? Thank you

(later we will find people to maintain it there, of course :slight_smile: … however right now, issue is to make it work, as ready-made as possible)

Thank you very much and please apologize, if that’s answered and I haven’t found it!

Hi @bci. Welcome to the OpenMRS community.

1.) You should be good to go with the latest released version of Reference Application. If you run into bugs, please create tickets so they can be fixed.

2.) For most implementations of OpenMRS/Reference App they are running on Ubuntu LTS, which has a long support cycle. If they are running OpenMRS/Bahmni, they are running on CentOS, it’s not compatible with Ubuntu.

3.) For backup, I always do a mysqldump, and then copy that to another server/USB/etc. Copying it to the cloud was something I wanted to look into, but because of the size of the file and our Internet capabilities here in Haiti that was never implemented.

Hope this gives you a starting point.


Hi @arbaughj, Thank you very much for your kind words, and your very fast reply.

Thank you, i see, may I ask you to 3.) It sounds like a ‘manual process’ if say so?

  • you are doing the mysqldump, (probably weekly or even daily …) yes? We implement such for tech-knowledgable users. Hm, the internet capabilities sound similar to our case, so I also think that the cloud is not an option.
  • I hope to create something that could be done without, or with only minimum ‘human’ interaction. Doing a mysql-dumb, that requires hm say a lot of tech knowledge … Thank you for sharing your experience!

You might look into Crashplan for cloud backups. You setup directories for backups and it works whenever it’s connected to the internet.


@ball: thank you very much for your kind advice! sounds very good. I will have a look.

Hi @bci,

I wrote a pearl script and launched it every night with a cron job to do the backup. If your server doesn’t run at night, you may consider doing it during a lunch break when there may be less traffic on the server. The nice thing about the mysqldump, it can safely run even when the other users are using the system.

Another option that we have considered in the past was to setup a MySQL server on the cloud and do one-way database synchronization to the cloud.

Hi @arbaughj, thank you very much for sharing, that’s a very good idea