Set up Google Analytics 4

Hi, I want to start a topic about setting up a GA4 for the OpenMRS website. As probably many of you know, Google Analytics is helping with managing websites, and ads and can improve a website’s performance in the search engine (SEO).

Currently, there are two different variants of Google Analytics available: Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Ultimately, by July 2023, Universal Analytics will be fully replaced by GA4. It is important to note that data from UA will not migrate to GA4 automatically. It would be best to start the configuration of GA4 as soon as possible, to avoid losing all of your data, once the UA is turned off.

So, we need to think about taking the action in that direction. SolDevelo Foundation can help with that because we have some experience in this area.

Please let us know what you think about that, your opinion is important to us. Best regards, Julia. @annakwasny @zuzanna @christine @grace @jennifer


Thank you for this message Julia, I also saw the email notification about GA4 and wasn’t sure what to do next. There is actually a bigger scope of work here: Our Google Analytics for our website hasn’t been working since Nov last year. I think we need 3 things:

  1. GA4 migration
  2. Fix/re-activate GA on the website
  3. Maintain GA working on the website

Are you (SolDevelo Fdn) possibly interested in all the above?


Hey @grace,

We can handle all tasks above. I think that setting GA4 will solve the problem with not working Analytics as it’s totally different instance and way of gathering data.

We can do it immediately or meet on a call. @jperkowska just need an access to the Analytics account and we’ll take care of the rest

cc @jslawinski


Hi @grace

I just want to do follow up with that topic :slight_smile:

Hi @jperkowska and @zuzanna! Apologies that I took so long to get back to you, especially given your generosity here.

We are so thankful that the SolDevelo Foundation is offering to help look after our web presence and help keep GA functional.

I have just ensured that you are both added to our google analytics account. I’ve given you both “Analyst” level privileges - please let me know if you or others require more privileges or more accounts.

We just have 2 explicit requirements on behalf of the community in order for you to access OpenMRS Google Analytics (I would share these requirements with anyone involved in our GA work):

  1. The intended use of Google Analytics for this project (re. GA4 and maintaining GA for is as Julia described above - to improve our SEO, to perform updates, and to maintain functional GA. Site visitor data should not be used for other purposes without further explicit discussion/agreements.
  2. Please do not publicly publish any findings from the community Google Analytics without discussing/agreement with us first.

That’s it! We welcome your assistance!! Don’t hesitate to reach out here or directly if you run into any issues with this project. In fact let’s use this very same Talk Thread for you to share updates :slight_smile: How does this sound?

:bouquet: :pray: :raised_hands: Thank you!! :bouquet: :pray: :raised_hands:

CC @burke @jennifer


Hi @grace! Yes, this sounds good. We will update you on any actions. But to set up a GA4 for your website, we need an “Editor” role in Analytics because “Analyst” doesn’t have access to make any changes. Only viewing and writing notes. We are also pleased to be able to help you. :slight_smile:


Thank you @jperkowska! Okay I have just updated the privilege for your account to “Editor”; LMK if any other specific team members need more access.


Hi @jperkowska & @zuzanna, Any updates on the upgrade/status of Google Analytics for the OpenMRS website? I’m going to be training our Product Management fellows in data analysis soon, and I’d really love to use the Google Analytics from our website as an exercise in exploration. But, as you can see in this screenshot, it seems our GA stopped tracking any website traffic since Nov 2021 :cry:

Any thoughts?

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Hi @grace , we know that there has been some kind of issue with that, and your website didn’t collect data properly. But on the one page, which is Community – we just fixed it and now GA4 is working as it should - you can check it on your admin panel. We think that by the end of the next week Google Analytics will be working on all pages properly, so it’s good news. When we’re all done, we’ll let you know:)


This is indeed wonderful news @jperkowska! Thank you - looking forward to hearing the update :tada: :bouquet:

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Hi @jperkowska, 2 quick updates:

  1. Google Analytics for seems to be working again - yayyyy! Thank you so much!! :tada: :tada: Is there any ongoing maintenance you expect?

  2. I just discovered that the Translation service we use can actually integrate with Wordpress: Translate Your WordPress Website | Transifex Documentation If we were to integrate, I wonder if our website would be able to auto-translate into different languages. Is this a project you’d be interested in looking at?

CC @jennifer

Hi @grace, so:

  1. Yes, we can maintain your Analytics account. We are happy to help you:).
  2. We can also install the plugin on your website, there’s plenty of this in WordPress, so that’s not the problem. Do you want to translate the site into specific languages or all? Because different plugins work differently. Let us know and SolDevelo Foundation can start working on this.