Service Provider list

hi is there a list of service providers ? we would like assistance with implementation and integration of openmrs. thanks

@robost there are many here , but i may help out as well.Done that before

cc @ssemakadde @irenyak1 @ssmusoke

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You may want to give us the details.

Thanks for the response.

We are a charity. We have 10 health clinics which vary in size from 1 practitioner to 12. We offer 5 different types of services. Practitioners may only perform the services for which they are trained. There does not need to be a link between the clinics so we will most likely have 10 separate programs running online.

I think this is very simple compared to what OpenMRS is capable of.

We need to:

  1. see the days schedule for all practitioners on one page.
  2. Add/Change/Delete an appointment
  3. Link the appointment to the patient
  4. If its the first time a patient is in the clinic then the patient fills in a health questionnaire which is entered into the system.
  5. Write notes about the patient after their appointment
  6. See the notes about a patient from all previous appointments
  7. Record payment information
  8. take bookings online (we have a system that does this and it has an api so we want to get it to put the appointments that people book online into openMRS and be updated by OpenMRS)

There are other things some of which are unique to the way we operate so would require custom code but this is the main idea.

At this stage, we are just considering openmrs as an option so we are trying to understand what is possible, how much of this can be done through configuration, how much would need to be customised and what the cost would be.


This looks like a good fit for bahmni. @mksd would Mekom Solutions offer such a service?


Thanks @dkayiwa, yes perhaps, I have reached out to @robost in private to get to know more.

Hello All and @darius and @janflowers. I hope all is well and thank you for all the support we are getting. I was told by @dkayiwa to contact you to list me (registering a company right now) as an SP. I just wanted to know what are the next steps to do that. Thanks @jadwafeeq

@jadwafeeq what i pointed you to, is our service provider program, such that you go through the list of requirements, expectations, and processes for becoming a service provider. Since you are just in the very early stages, where your company is not yet registered, i believe you are not yet to a level where you are listed as service provider, because your company has not yet done any work on OpenMRS. But you can work towards it. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa thank you for your feedback. I just received a notification that the company registration is completed now Hey! so we are ready from this perspective. What are other requirements/next steps to be listed as OpenMRS Startup Service Provider?

Next step, choose an OpenMRS specific project to support, such that you gain the experience that is required of service providers. Take a second look at the FAQ section of this page: