Server issue in android client

Server issues were found out on OpenMRS android client as accessibility to the registered patients were denied(as “unsynchronised patient data” all time )and the results in found patients are displayed with a popup message of not found. These errors can only recure if there were server issues. While patient details and charts related to their health status were reviewed as line charts, server issues were shown as pop up messages. Hence I would like to put forward this issue of server and would request to resolve it as soon as possible:).

@athira Make your problem more clear.

Hi @athira , sorry for your server issue. Could you try out our demo server at and report back if the problem still exists?

Also, please make sure that the Android client is in online mode (the cloud icon is not crossed out in the login screen).

Hi all, earlier I faced certain issues relate d to server in my local setup of Android client app in my mobile. Now those issues were fine. Thanks for support.