Server Hardware for Bahmni

Hi All -

I have the minimum specs for hardware to host Bahmni, but I’m wondering if anyone has specific brands/models that they’ve used recently that they would recommend for a small health clinic in rural areas. Links to specific items welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any ideas - Jan


Hi @janflowers, Please check this wiki page for hardware requirements needed for bahmni to run.

Thanks @binduak. I had already seen that specs page, but I wondered if folks had specific equipment that they have been actually using in the field that they would recommend. For example, mac mini servers, dell laptop model XXX, HP desktop model XXX , etc. Thanks!

@janflowers these are few that I am aware of, used as Bahmni Server

  1. HP desktop 280 - Intel® Core™ i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHzRAm 8 GB+ 500GB
  2. HP ProLiant ML10 v2 E3
  3. Dell Inspiron i5 32xx series
  4. Lenovo System x3650 M5 OS (Processor Intel Xeon 6C E5-2620v3 85W 2.4GHz/1866MHz/15MB) - Rack Server with RAID (the last one is the most advanced spec that I know of)