serialization-xstream latest build broken

@dkayiwa I see the serialization-xstream build is broken after the changes/upgrades to make it 2.0 compatible.

just as a heads up, our mirebalais reports module tests started to fail as well when running against the latest snapshot of serialization-xstream… some strange errors that made it seem like the test context wasn’t picking up the core hibernate mapping files (maybe?). I’ll post a bit of the error below.

Anyways, not a blocker at all since easy enough to not rely on snapshots of serialization xstream (I changed this back and things started to work again). But something to be aware of, or potentially helpful with debugging?

Take care, Mark

Running org.openmrs.module.mirebalaisreports.definitions.DailyClinicalEncountersReportManagerTest build 13-Nov-2015 17:01:37 ERROR - Context.getServiceContext(251) |2015-11-13 17:01:37,670| serviceContext is null. Creating new ServiceContext() build 13-Nov-2015 17:04:34 ERROR - JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(234) |2015-11-13 17:04:34,201| Table “USERS” not found; SQL statement: build 13-Nov-2015 17:04:34 select user0_.user_id as user1_42_, user0_.uuid as uuid42_, user0_.person_id as person3_42_, user0_.system_id as system4_42_, user0_.username as username42_, user0_.creator as creator42_, user0_.date_created as date7_42_, user0_.changed_by as changed8_42_, user0_.date_changed as date9_42_, user0_.retired as retired42_, user0_.retired_by as retired11_42_, user0_.date_retired as date12_42_, user0_.retire_reason as retire13_42_, user0_.secret_question as secret14_42_ from users user0_ where user0_.uuid=? [42102-173]

Thanks Mark! This is very helpful. Let me check out this module to reproduce the test failure.

Mark, i have made a follow up commit. Do you think you have the time to try again? If it still fails, could you share the entire stack trace?


Won’t have time this week with the Thanksgiving holiday, and then not in the office much until I get back from Singapore. I will try to get it done during that time, but, if I don’t, feel free to ping me again, because I’m certainly willing to test once I’m back in the office.

Thanks! Mark

Just went to test, but I don’t know if I can test easily since there is now a released 0.2.10… once everything gets merged back together again, I’m happy to test.

Take care, Mark