September Apprentices from Andela

Hey everyone,

A week ago, 6 developers/Apprentices (including myself) from Andela, joined the OpenMRS community. We are a group of diverse and fun people, with a passion for learning and growing. We hope to bring onboard the same passion and commitment; as we join in making a difference in the world, as part of the OpenMRS community.


NO. Apprentice Full Name - IRC Nicknames

  1. Linnette Wanjiru - lwanjiru
  2. Brian Mburu - brayoh
  3. Herman Sifuna - herman_
  4. Joel Akwevagbe - joelakwes
  5. Tolulope Duyile - afrocode
  6. Farhan Ahmed - captain

For our initial tasks, we will be working in the following teams.

Linnette & Joel - Working on fixing bugs (Cohort Builder.) Tolulope & Herman - Working on creating an add-on that enables the installation of OpenMRS modules. (Add-on Manager) Farhan & Brian - Joining the ongoing sprint on observation data administration (obsadmin).

Do feel free to reach out for queries, or just to chat.

We are really glad to be joining this community and excited about learning more about OpenMRS, in ways that will enable us to positively contribute to its growth.

Thank you.

@lwanjiru @brayoh @herman_ @joelakwes @afrocode @captain


Welcome to the OpenMRS Community @lwanjiru, @brayoh, @mkiterian, @joelakwes, @afrocode and @captain :clap:


Thank you. Happy to be here :smiley:

Welcome to the OpenMRS community


Welcome to the World of life Savers,Welcome to :openmrs: OpenMRS community.

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