September 2016 Co-Volunteer of The Month: Taremwa Tadeo

Congratulations to both @maany and @taremwatadeo as they have been nominated by their peers as this month’s Volunteer of The Month!

We want to acknowledge their work and commitment to the OpenMRS community, so we asked them a few questions to learn more about their involvement with OpenMRS.

Taremwa Tadeo, tell us a little about your background:

My name is Taremwa Tadeo (@taremwatadeo). I am Ugandan by nationality and I love to serve my nation and all of humanity. I am a student at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, earning my bachelors of science in software engineering. I’m now in year four and I am also serving as the President in the College of Computing at Makerere University.

How did you get interested in OpenMRS?

I started with OpenMRS about two years ago. Since the first time when I was introduced to OpenMRS by Daniel Kayiwa, I loved the idea and since then I have tried very hard to fit in and give my best to the community.

How do you participate in the community (What activities, projects, role, etc)?

I participate as an implementer, tester, and developer (though I am still in the learning process).

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

Most of my free time I spend learning about OpenMRS, but since I am a full-time student, as well as a student leader, I am always occupied with school work, I have a limited amount of free time.

I also volunteer on training and talking to secondary school students about ICT, motivation and encouraging them on innovations and sharing knowledge.

What’s your favorite OpenMRS moment or tell us what makes OpenMRS special to you?

My favorite moment is when am talking to people about OpenMRS and ICT at large, especially with the young people.

All I can say is I love being at OpenMRS, working with the people, and getting involved in the conversation. I think when I hear people testify how OpenMRS is changing their lives – how it is easing the hospital works – is what makes OpenMRS special and what makes me also want to keep going and contributing to the community.


Thanks for your contributions @taremwatadeo! Also @dkayiwa for recruiting him :slight_smile:.


@taremwatadeo, it is great to see your desire to put efforts into saving lives! Please keep it up! :slight_smile: I look forward to see you share your experiences with the rest of the students in the University.


Thanks @taremwatadeo for all that you do , and for your willingness to take on the release manager role for the upcoming release!


@taremwatadeo You are an awesome inspiration! Thanks for what you do!


Great job @taremwatadeo and @maany


Congratulations @taremwatadeo! Thank you for joining the community and being willing to jump right in and be the upcoming release manager. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better over the next few months as our lead and to hopefully meet you in person at the upcoming Uganda meeting. :slight_smile:


sure thank you @janflowers looking forward to meeting you too