Separation of roles and privileges relative to the department

Hi all

Is it possible in OpenMRS to separate roles and privileges regarding a location (department) for one user?

The essence of the issue lies in the grouping and separation of different roles - privileges regarding the user’s location, as well as the ability to limit forms.

Nothing straightforward, but there are ways to customize OpenMRS so that a user with a given set of roles would have different user experiences at different locations. What can be done is filtering in/out the data that can be accessed based on the user’s location (including forms for example).

However, AFAIK, having the same role being made of different set of privileges based on the session location, no, that’s nothing currently supported in OpenMRS.

What would prevent you to define roles like ‘emergency surgeon’ vs ‘ward surgeon’? What I’m saying is, can’t you define roles per department and assign them to your users?