Sending HL7 message from OpenMRS


what is the status of sending HL7 messages from OpenMRS?

Is the HL7 Output project: still active?

I see that openmrs-module-pacsintegration uses the hl7api to send message if I am not mistaken?

I am working on the openmrs-module-radiology which currently uses a dcm4chee library to send the HL7 messages to the PACS but I’d rather use a library which already comes with OpenMRS.

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Yes, the pacsintegration module use the Java HAPI library (which is packaged with Openmrs core, I believe) to generate and parse HL7 messages.

However, HAPI is mainly just a parser, if I remember correctly. We don’t use HAPI to actually send the messages, we use an integration engine called Mirth to sent the messages. In our implementation the Mirth engine lives on the same server as our OpenMRS instance, and the interchange between OpenMRS and Mirth happens via some custom, relatively primitive code within the pacsintegration module.

Hope that helps some!

thanks @mogoodrich, this does help a lot! know I get it, you create the HL7 messages and via the OutboundQueue save it into the OpenMRS database that Mirth is probably watching and sending the messages to the PACS. good to know this approach!

am I right that your module doesnt really know wheter the HL7 message was acknowledged or not? So checks are then only done by the admin in mirebalais who is checking Mirth if there was any trouble with sending the radiology order?

this is the same which I am facing with using dcm4chee’s hl7snd library in the radiology module, which I would like to improve.

Hi, have you seen although currently the module supports only ORUR01 export. I’m afraid that you’ll have to write handlers for other types HL7 messages :frowning:

not yet thank you :smile: will it be possible to programmatically trigger the export/sending of HL7 messages?

Check out sockethl7listener. It can handle A04s. We also have some hl7 handler in the chica module.

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Is there any update? I would like to achieve the same ?