send firebase data to openmrs DB

You want to send the information from the firebase database to the OpenMRS database, in this case all the data that the firebase resives is synchronized with the openmrs This can be done with api modules or through other development methods

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cc @mozzy @dkayiwa

Did you get a chance to look at this?

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I am installing version 1.9.10 of openmrs which is compatible with the rest + module and I get this error The required resource [/ openmrs / initialsetup] is not available

Could there be a reason why you are using such an old version of OpenMRS?

I was reading the documentation of the rest and it mentioned that the module works in version 1.9, this module also works in the most current versions?

Why dont u point out to the openmrs demo server in youre cloud function and give it a try first

What the module documentation means is that the minimum required version of OpenMRS is 1.9.10

So you can use all versions from 1.9.10 up to the latest.

Thanks for clarifying

In this case, the firebase database resives constant updated information and the idea is to send that information to the openmrs database, in this case we would have to consume the firebase api, the rest module would help us in this case or just works in its own environment is you module