Seeking Release Manager(s) for the OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0

Hi community , we usually do a routinely platform release every year .

As such the platform squad has come up with a roadmap showcasing issues which the community needs to address.

To achieve this we’re looking for two volunteers to act as Release manager and the other Release Manager mentor , the latter should have prior experience as platform release manager. Therefore he / she will provide guidance to the primary Release Manager (basic description of a release manager)

If you are interested in being a release manager or a release manager/mentor, please respond to this post indicating your interest .

Please do the same if you are interested in contributing to the ongoing work on Platform 2.5.0.

In case you need to be a Release Manager or Mentor here are a few guidelines / Important links to follow.

  1. You must be a platform squad member (Join if you are not yet ) , the PM squad may be of great benefit as well. This includes attending weekly squad calls.

2 . Read through these important links

Squad notes

Kanban Board

OpenMRS Technical Roadmap

Platform Squad

TAC Squad

Get familiar with the Release Process and the OpenMRS Platform Release Process

cc @burke @dkayiwa @ibacher @corneliouzbett @moshon @aojwang @grace @jennifer @isamanya

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I would like to take the opportunity to be Release Manager of OpenMRS platform 2.5.0


Thanks @tendomart for the good work as always

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