seeking OpenMRS Architect and developers for USA Based Healthcare company

Exciting opportunities with an USA based innovative healthcare startup!

Seeking hardworking and reliable OpenMRS architect and 2 to 3 developers to install OpenMRS, customize UI, Develop the concept dictionary, build custom forms, integrate a mobile form solution, and create custom modules:


  1. Expert knowledge of OpenMRS architecture and implementation knowledge
  2. Expert knowledge of OpenMRS core and module development
  3. Knowledge of git version control
  4. Contributed to OpenMRS project- A
  5. Able to respond to daily emails, phone calls and WEBEX conferences
  6. Able to develop API’s which support WEB / Mobile UI.
  7. customize OpenMRS core
  8. Able to work with payment and subscription

If you meet the above skills and requirements, please send a direct message with the following information:

Brief summary stating your key qualifications for this position Your desired compensation Previous experience with OpenMRS A text version of your resume

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