Seeking a Co-org admin for the 2017 Google Summer of Code (GSOC) program

Hi all,

As you may know, the 2017 Google Summer of Code (GSOC) program has been announced, and we’re in the process of formulating plans to apply! We’ve participated in GSOC for many many years, and are excited to continue!

As part of our preparations, I’m reaching out to the community to seek out applicants for the role of Google Summer of Code (GSOC) Co-org administrator for 2017. The co-org admin will wok closely with us (me / @burke ) to figure out the ropes on how to do this!

Speaking personally, GSOC is a very rewarding program -

  • You get to co-administer a wonderful program and meet many many great people
  • You get to learn the fine art of cat herding
  • As co-org admin, you will attend the GSOC mentor summit at Google HQ on an all expenses paid tour

We encourage applications from ex-GSOC/GCI students and mentors. The more experienced the better!


You will be expected to spend approximately 1-2 hours a week administering the program during the summer. However, we anticipate a heavier workload during the weeks running up to the start of the program, as well as midterms and finals.

To apply for this post, please PM me directly by Wednesday the 25th and explain,

  • Who you are
  • Why you want to apply for this role
  • Why you think you are suited to take on this role

A full GSOC program timeline can be seen at:

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WHO AM I? I am currently a senior administrator in MTN Uganda, handling Multi-National Corporations. This is a support function in MTN Uganda in that i work with a team of sales executives who hunt for business in the field while i handle all administrative duties surrounding new and existing business. I am self driven and i take initiative in all situations, especially while working as a team member. I am highly organised, i am a quick learner, i adopt easily to situations, i am flexible, and i am very conscientious about meeting deadlines and completing tasks unsupervised. I am also an effective communicator.

WHY I WANT TO APPLY FOR THIS ROLE? I am applying for this role because I am eager to become a part of ‘OpenMRS’ community. As a Ugandan, whose country is already a benefactor from the good works of your team members, this comes as my golden opportunity to also make a significant contribution to your organisation. It will make me very proud to use my administrative skills for the smooth running of this up-coming program. Additionally, i would like to interact with the individuals who’ve made such an invaluable contribution to improving the livelihoods of developing countries such as mine. I also want to learn more about ‘OpenMRS’ within the period i will be volunteering as a co-or administrator.

WHY I THINK I’M SUITED TO TAKE ON THIS ROLE? This role suites me because i have flexible working hours in my current role. I appreciate that our time zones differ but i can adjust my personal and work schedules to allow me the time required for this role. I have the ability to consistently keep on top of my assignments without missing a deadline. I have learned to budget my time and i am flexible when it comes to getting things done. I am particularly adept at planning and executing customers workshops. My professional experience has instilled in me the importance of attention to detail. If given an opportunity to accomplish an assignment, i can develop a plan that will meet the needs of the project. My strong work experience, professional skill sets, and the desire to interact and learn from the professional mentors, give me enough reason to believe that i will quickly fit into your talented and close-knit team.

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Long awaited task to achieve for OpenMRS this year for me, thanks @surangak for posting this, i will definitely queue in my application :slight_smile: thanks @deborah for applying too

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Aliu Aaron are my full names,i am a Robotics and Aviation Technology training Instructor(Training Assistant) at Fundi Bots a Non Governmental Charity Organisation that aims at providing equal access to science education to students in Africa to better STEM and ICT education in Africa,to see improved – and equal – access to quality science education, better technology innovation and overall economic growth across Africa as a direct result of exposing students from an early to better science education training and tools. check link to

I seek this position because i am a Training Instructor who is already well attributed to dedication of mentoring and training, I have also been working closely with OpenMRS since 2014 when i was introduced by #Joseph Kaweesi who was then the Google mentor to date, as a dedicated computer scientist/developer who is a passionate enthusiast of medical health informatics systems research.

I am familiar with the OpenMRS tools as a community developer and also have experience as a trainer,competent and skilled in software development,solution solving and innovation project management as well as mentor-ship experience.

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