second patient identifier in the search patient table

hi all I have added a second patient identifier that make sense to me, and I noticed that openmrs has integrated it as part of the search fields. Now I want this second patient identifier as part of the search patient table columns, I can only see the OpenMRS ID. Any help will be appreciated.

Thx KJ

Do you intend to add a second patient identifier column in the existing database for your obs to be saved. We only capture Patient ids as an obs FYI , i dont think its necessary to include a column in the database for your seconds patient identifier

When I use a patient name, I can see a patient name column in the search results table. If I use an openMRS ID I have also a OpenMRS ID column in the results table. Now I can see the patient if I search with my second patient ID but the column is not in the results table. If you are using a national database where thousands have the same name this second patient ID is a real shortcut to find your patient. In my previous post I was looking a way to have this second patient ID in the patient dashboard and I can now see it there. My concern is to have it in the search results table if I am able to find the patient when I enter this second patient ID in the search field. I am now aware that we can do a lot with openmrs even if sometimes there is a lot of back and forth before reaching the resolution. I will reach the resolution for sure

this implies you simply want two identifiers to be displayed in the search results,since we arleady have one,is that right? :point_left:

Most of us have previously an emr where we enter a local patient identifier. Now we have switched to openMRS and I am really happy openMRS provided a way to add additional patient identifiers. I can search a patient using that local identifier so I want it also in the search results table even if the openMRS ID is already there . My search is based on my local patient identifier

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finally solved

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@jamani it would be great to share how you finally solved it.

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I have just checked it as required in the configuration page