Season of Docs - 2020

thanks @tendomart for the request though it would be better if we give other people in the community a chance to lead on this year’s GSOD 2020 and so i will request to give the chance to another person

@ayesh thanks so much for a reminder. Its a high time to think of organization application and a void the last minute submissions. @ayesh are you going to lead the squad? we have 9 days to go.

You are right sir! but we need to sit and find a way of coming up with the proposal and on this, your contribution is paramount.

This is great news! We’ll need an admin and a co-admin - and we have some suggestions already coming up. Who else is interested in taking up this role? It would be nice to have someone who is already familiar with administering GSoC, GCI, or GSoD as an admin who can work with a co-admin.

Can we start by asking the community if they have ideas for documentation projects? To help everyone start thinking about what they could propose, we can share last year’s ideas and the Documentation Team’s objectives.

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@jwnasambu thanks alot. But I personally think @gcliff or you are the best people ot take up the admin position this year . With the help of @tendomart :star_struck:

Well, you are right sporting out but I have never been an admin before.

It would be nice to have someone who is already familiar with administering GSoC, GCI, or GSoD as an admin who can work with a co-admin.

Basing on the above statement @tendomart, @gcliff, @irenyak1, @herbert24, @ayesh, @sharif I see the potential in you of being an admin and co-admin respectively. under your leadership we can bit the deadline today. So feel free to single out yourself.

@herbert24 kindly follow up on this as documentation lead.

hello @jwnasambu i wont be taking up any of the above positions as admin or co-admin for this years GSOD 2020 :smiley:

Other people in the community need to be given a chance for this to like i was given a chance to be the co-admin for last years GSOD


hei guys no worries i will take up this,just need another person to help as a co-admin,!!cc @jennifer

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Thanks @herbert24 for taking up this.

Thanks for your response and as a community we really appreciate your tireless efforts in last year’s GSoD which was a success.

Thanks @herbert24 as we are waiting for someone to volunteer as a co-admin, I and @gcliff will come up with a proposal which will be shared latest tomorrow before documentation call. @herbert24 feel free to reach out to the community for the projects to be worked on during this season. Once again, thank you.

just a reminder,we are submitting the proposal on 13th this month,this means we need to get it earlier so that we can make some review before the submission.other wise,well done

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Thanks for a reminder but in the above post I said the draft will be out tomorrow. Is it too late?

ohh yaa thats awesome :v:

@herbert24 it’s great to see you take up the role :smiley:.

@jwnasambu that is awesome. I am always inspired by your work :smiley:

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Hey everyone! I want to clarify a couple of due dates on the timeline for GSoD. On Monday, April 13, organizations can begin submitting their applications. The deadline for submitting applications is May 4, 2020 at 20:00 UTC

This means that we can take the next two weeks to identify ideas for projects, revise or come up with strong project descriptions, and reach out for mentors. What do you think?

@jwnasambu @herbert24 @gracebish

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good idea just identified this too

Hi, I’m Uthpala Pitawela and I’m working as a Software Engineer. I would like to contribute as a technical writer to OpenMRS in Google Season of Docs 2020. May I know is this the correct talk/chat to continue discussions about project ideas and kindly guide me for warm up practices.

Thank you

Hi @uthpala

You can refer these talk threads

Here are project lists that will be proposing from the org.

Pick one and give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much @ayesh :slightly_smiling_face:

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