Searching for issues to Contribute to OpenMRS Android Client

Is The OpenMRS Android Client an active project. Is there any development needed. I would like to contribute to that Amazing Project. Can you Provide me with some good first issue.

Yes openmrs Android Client still remains an active project to the community. Kindly this is the project repository GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-contrib-android-client: Android client for OpenMRS and this is the guide to follow Introduction · GitBook. @saurabh feel free to add more guides.

@theprateek you can look for Issues on our JIRA board inside Android project.

@jwnasambu @saurabh I have managed to setup the OPENMRS Android Client at my local environment. To get the user experience I have built the apk out of this project. In the REGISTER PATIENT section we don’t get any suggestion of city and state. Moreover there is no search feature on the City and State block. I want to put the Suggestion and Search feature in that area.
What are the official procedures to follow regarding adding a new feature ?


Please create an Issue on jira and lets take up the discussion there about the implementation details

Ok Sir. I will.

@saurabh Sir, Greetings of the day! I have solved an issue and I have made two version of solve of that issue. Now I am confused with which one to pick.

  1. First.mp4 - Google Drive
  2. Optimized.mp4 - Google Drive

Issue : [AC-989] About Activity not scrollable - OpenMRS Issues

I therefore pray and hope that you would be kind enough to provide me the necessary instruction and any assistance you might be able to render will be greatly appreciated.

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