Search & select the lowest level in hierarchy to populate the rest

Module: Address Hierarchy

Module Version: 2.7

System Version: OpenMRS 1.11.5

**Issue or Question:**I would like to replace the selection of the address hierarchy by selecting items down the levels, with a single search at the lowest level that automatically selects that level and all the others above … Has anybody implemented something like this before?

Look at the “shortcutFor” setting.

Thanks @darius

@darius the shortcuts are not working because of the following open issue

@darius I would like to work on fixing the RA-951 issue, but I am confused whether the JSON loading is in the app-ui framework or in the registration app code. Is there any documentation on the design approach for this?

@ssmusoke I don’t know anything about the ticket. You’ll have to look at How to use “manualFields” with a “field/personAddressWithHierarchy” and maybe talk to @arbaughj, @mksd, and @mogoodrich.

There isn’t any design approach documented besides the conversation in that thread.

@mogoodrich @mksd @arbaughj Any additional inputs on this as I would like to look into a fix hopefully getting into the RA release. Thanks

It would be great to have this fixed, sooner rather than later. We ran into it at St Luke’s and then again with I-TECH Haiti, not to mention the other folks on this thread. It seems like it should be a community priority. @burke, can we assign some community resources to work on this bug in the near future, or provide additional info to @ssmusoke so he can fix it.

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I went down a bit of a rabbit hole today trying to find the right direction to take and change up with a few breakpoints to check as I mentioned on the bottom of this thread: