Search Results showing more results

I just searched for “Open Web App module” in the OpenMRS Addons search bar, and It gave me 121 results. How is it possible?

Because I am using that addons API to get the search results in SysAdmin OWA, and I haven’t any idea about the limitations.

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@suthagar23 You searched for the module name so the exact match shows up first as expected. Apart from that, all the other possible matches show up too (That is what is expected right?).

For ex: If you search google for “gsoc-2017-more-metadata-management-in-adminui”, will it show just one result? Check this out.

If you want exactly one result then you may search for the uuid of the module.

For more info check this out.

Another example for uid search here

We are aware of your main concern and it’s addressed here

Here we are only searching modules inside the AddOnns, So it wouldn’t like a Google Search Results :slight_smile:

When a user comes to the AddOns site and wanted to search for a module, We should show the most appropriate information to him. Otherwise, he may face some problems to identify the exact module from the whole list.

Eg: I came to search for Open Web App, but It gave me 121 results. So I thought, I am searching for the wrong module and wanted to check the at least 50 modules to find the extract one. Then again I searched for Open Web App Module, again it gave me 121 results. So I couldn’t finalize what I am searching :frowning: (general user doesn’t know that the first results are most appropriate for the search result, he may think all the information in the list contains the search result)

Here we have the search feature to make easy of finding exact modules. Why we want Search bar If we are showing 121 results for a lengthy search?

Is it better to short out with some limitations :slight_smile: ? Sorry if I am late for the discussion related to this!

Since you are using the search API to fetch the results, I guess you can selectively show only the first few modules without much of a hassle in your OWA. That would be a quick fix because as I could see, your application has a search bar so it’s not necessary that the user always searches exactly for the module name. If he doesn’t search for the exact UID, Add-Ons will return as many module names as it finds relevant. So I guess then it would be up to you to filter it and make it show as many modules as you want it to :slight_smile:

@suthagar23 thanks for pointing this out!

The current algorithm is that we search widely across a module’s name, description, and more in terms of deciding what results to show. So if you include the word “module” you’re going to match almost everything in the database.

But your question makes me realize that we’re doing OR instead of AND when you put in multiple words, i.e. the desired behavior is for “Open Web” to have fewer hits than “Open”, and we’re doing the opposite. I created a ticket for this: AO-10.

Don’t do this. :slight_smile: Trust that we’ll get this fixed in the addons server eventually, and don’t complicate your OWA by putting in a hack to limit things.

Yeah. This is my actual point :slight_smile: . When a user used some combinations of words to search, then we should narrow the results to show only the related modules.

User mightn’t know the exact module uuid or package name while searching for the module. So most probably he will use the common words to identify the module.