Search for the specific objects with complex queries


I would like to lookup an observation for given patient done on specific date using REST API. Should i retrieve all his/her observations and then search trough the array, or there is a way to create the query that will retrieve observations already filtered by date ? In general I am trying to figure out how to do complex requests in order to retrieve the id’s of the object i want. Most probably i have to run SQL queries on the database, then convert the results into json object i believe … But i afraid that the support of this is not very useful because i can not find how to do it on the default installation.

I moved this to the #dev category, since using the REST API is a developer activity, in OpenMRS-land.

Peeking at the code I don’t think what you’re asking for is supported. But it should be!

The thing to do would be to add this functionality to the module, by creating another class like this one that delegates to a method like this one in openmrs-core.

Can you do a pull request to add this feature?