SDK "watch" issue

I’m trying to get back into OpenMRS development after a bit of a hiatus, but I’ve been having trouble using the SDK like I used to.

I’ve just rebuilt my dev environment so almost everything (OS and Java) is a clean install

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Java: openjdk version 1.8.0

I setup my distribution server with openmrs-sdk:setup (latest version of refapp) and everything installs fine. However, when I clone the latest version of the openmrs-module-registrationapp and watch it with the openmrs-sdk:watch command I get the following error when I restart the server and access the patient registration page: org.openmrs.ui.framework.UiFrameworkException: No viewProvider named registrationapp

This error persists even after I unwatch the registration app and restart the server.

Any ideas?

What are you developing against for SDK provides 3 options and have you looked at the floss manuals have you looked at and

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On the Manage Modules page, does the registrationapp show as loaded and started?

@dkayiwa regitration app was unable to start. Upon further investigation, the error was:

Module Registration App Module cannot be started because it requires the following module(s): registrationcore 1.7.2-SNAPSHOT Please install and start these modules first.

A very helpful error message. As soon as I cloned and watched the latest registrationcore snapshot everything started working properly.

Thanks for the suggestions!