[SDK-TIP] Forgot Server Parameter in Command?

Did you know that if you do not specify the server to be used with the parameter -DserverId=name that the SDK shows a list of all the available servers and you can pick the one you want?

Great job @raff @gutkowski et al … OpenMRS development is now a pleasurable experience … running 4 different servers at a go :rocket:

If Soldevelo as a company had a talk user account, i would mention it too in the above credit!!! :smile:

@ssmusoke, almost all if not all parameters are optional in SDK commands and you will be asked for them in a wizard mode (often with possible options listed for you) :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa, there’s the @SolDevelo group :slight_smile:

@raff even sweeter …

@raff i did not know about the group! So cool. Can we also add SolDevelo a label/badge to their user accounts such that it shows the same way i see Regenstrief Institute on yours? :slight_smile: