SDK error while solving the JIRA ticket RA-1871

The OpenMRS platform has been installed on Tomcat (9.0.26) and the latest RefApp (Distro) repo from GitHub has been installed on top of it and it’s all working well. I have now been trying to sort out the JIRA ticket RA-1871

The above ticket is regarding a bug in Refapp 2.11.0 and it’s supposed be in the coreapps module. I am having difficulty finding out the location of the git repo that needs to be corrected to fix this error.

I was asked to clone the Refapp 2.11.0 repo using the SDK as mentioned in the below URL:

I have the OpenMRS SDK 3.13.6 installed on my System and ran the command “mvn openmrs-sdk:clone” (with groupId as “org.openmrs.distro” and artifactId as “referenceapplication”). This resulted in the below error:

I am trying to understand the cause of the above error (I could have used the wrong groupId/ artfactId). Also, if I choose not to use the SDK in this case, to which git repo should I be making the changes to find a fix for this ticket?

Thank you.

@nischith, is this your first ticket? Could you follow Using Git - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki? Please ask when stuck.

@nischith this is a good move! kindly follow these steps. First reproduce the error on the qa-refapp server (its the testing server) . Then create an SDK distribution instance version version 2.11.0 following the steps on this link. Clone the coreapps module and run mvn openmrs-sdk:watch command to enable you see the changes you are making on the module. Then run mvn openmrs-sdk:run to start your server. After the server has build successfully begin making the changes on the code as you refresh the sdk server to see the effect of the changes to the module. Kindly feel free to reach out when stack.

@gracebish Yes, this would be my first ticket. I have read through the link you have posted before and I appreciate your help here. I will adhere to the protocol mentioned in the link. Right now I am trying to understand which is the git repo that needs to be forked and corrected to solve the ticket. Thank you.

@nischith, I have failed to see your ticket on the Jira dashboard. Just look at the name of the your repo just before the ticket number on Jira, then get to your github, there is a search or jump to, name your repo eg. Reference Application, then fork that repo. I hope it helps.

@gracebish This is the link to the ticket:

@jwnasambu Yes, I have reproduced the error on the testing server as mentioned by you. I will soon create the distribution server and also implement the rest of your suggestions. Thank a lot!

@nischith, i get an error when trying to reach that page where your issue is highlighted.

@nischith Could you open a ticket for this issue in the SDK project on JIRA? I’m guessing we need to update the SDK to adhere to GitHub’s updated authentication.

@ibacher You could be right about that because I get the error after entering the GitHub credentials (till then the SDK command works fine). I will create the ticket as suggested by you and report back on this thread. Thank you.

@gracebish most likely it’s an error at your end, it seems to be working fine for everyone else. Below is the snapshot of my browser with the URL pointing to that particular page:


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@nischith the repo is

@ibacher I have created the JIRA ticket as suggested:

Thank you.

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@tendomart Thank you!

@nischith create a personal access token using these instructions. Then whenever you run the OpenMRS SDK and get asked for a password, use the created token.

Am updating the sdk and its documentation to reflect this.


This is particularly regarding the ticket RA-1871. A few corrections have been made to the coreapps code base and with these changes the missing “Health Trend Summary” becomes visible in the patient dashboard of Refapp 2.11.0


A pull request has been submitted at:

The JIRA page has been updated accordingly at:

Thank you.

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Thanks @nischith for working on this. :slight_smile:

You already have a few review comments on GitHub.