Scrum on scrumon command

@darius i wish to bring to your notice that the CI build status could not be reflected on scrumon command kindly help fix.

@jwnasambu you need to give him more details of what exactly happened.

@darius when i enter the scrumon command, this is what i get

“Thank you! ScrumMaster jwamalwa- you may begin when ready. Wait a moment while I check on CI for broken builds.”

After waiting for a while, it doesn’t give the status of the CI build whether they are all passing through or the number of those that are failing. Kindly help fix it.

@dkayiwa i appreciate your correction.

I restarted the bot just in case, but I didn’t see anything wrong in the logs. Let me know tomorrow if the issue continues, and I’ll look into it.

Thanks so much hope it is sorted out.