Scheduled infrastructure maintenance 16 April 2023

Outage expected for many OpenMRS online services 16 April 2023

On Sunday, 16 April from 11 AM-10 PM UTC, maintenance will be performed in the Indiana University data center that will impact Jetstream2 operations, which hosts nearly all of the OpenMRS infrastructure. Data Center engineers will be shutting down cooling loop control hardware to address communication issues which will result in an outage for Jetstream2 CPU instances during this maintenance window.

Outage on Sunday, 16 April 2023 expected to affect:

  • OpenMRS website
  • short links
  • OpenMRS ID
  • OpenMRS Talk
  • CI (Bamboo)
  • Issue Tracker (JIRA)
  • Wiki (Confluence)
  • Maven repository
  • OpenMRS Add-ons Directory
  • OpenMRS Demo and Test environments
  • Atlas
  • /dev/1 Quiz Grader

Jetstream2 maintenance has completed. OpenMRS online services are gradually coming back online.

It appears all services are up and running now.

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some services are in Disruption now;

any info when this will be up

@burke @dkayiwa @jwnasambu

@thembo42 Its unfortunate! Though its not related to the previous scheduled infrastructure maintenance. The server needs to be restarted and we have to wait a bit. Help is on the way!

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