Scale of Bahmni

We know that Bahmni is for low resource and low scale usage. Is there a range of scale for which Bahmni will be most suitable? I mean things like “most suited for x number of users on OpenMRS, y number of resources on OpenELIS” etc. I need to know what size and kind of hospital setup can Bahmni be suggested/proposed to be implemented. Tagging my colleague @rashmibala also in this query for information sake.

Please see these links:

  1. Bahmni Performance Testing Roadmap & Findings:

  2. Bahmni LITE vs STANDARD: See point 7 (Scalability/Performance)

  3. Bahmni has been used across the world in large scale NATIONAL implementations. See this: (Section: National InterOp: Lesotho, Bangladesh, others)

  4. Some notable implementations and case studies::

More suited for Clinics, Primary/Secondary Hospitals, Speciality Surgeries hospitals. But unlikely for large-scale multi-department hospitals (like AIIMS) without doing more significant integrations/development to make it multi-department ready.