Saving database on a server and accessing from multiple devices

I am trying to install Standalone OpenMRS on four Windows Surface tablets to all be used at the same clinic. I want each tablet to access and update the same database. I was planning on using the Homegroup to share the database files on a server, but I am not sure if this is possible with the standalone version, and if so, how would I change the directory of the database within the application so that it is able to find it on the server?

Good morning em kragel.

The proper way would be to setup OpenMRS on a “server”. This could be one of the tablets running Standalone, depending on their resources and your load. The server will need a static IP address or DNS pointing to it. From the clients you would access OpenMRS in the web browser using the IP or DNS pointing to the server.

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Thanks for the help. I tried having the program on “Homegroup” a server like sharing system between microsoft 7/8 devices and it did not seem to work. So instead of something like this I would need to set up a server…? To access it from the web browser, in practice how would you get it to point to the server?

You would need to run the services (MySQL and Tomcat with OpenMRS WAR or Standalone) on the server, not share files.

To access it in the browser you could use whatever your server IP address is. If your server had an IP address of, you might access OpenMRS in a client browser with this URL…

You would also need to ensure the firewall does not block port 8080, or whatever port you run Tomcat on.

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Yes, of course. One of your “workstations” will be used as a “server” to host OpenMRS, running the services I mentioned previously.


Thanks so much for all the help. I have one last stupid question- this package of openMRS seems to be exactly what I want-

openmrs-x.y.z-*offline-installer.exe : A windows installation program for either 32bit or 64bit machines. This is very large because it contains Java, MySQL, Tomcat, and OpenMRS. Put this on a usb stick to install on a server that does not have a connection to the internet.

But I am having a hard time finding it available to download, do you know if it is still accessible?

Dear @ek88, I haven’t heard any talk of the offline installer in a long time. I think they have not been packaging that anymore now that there is a standalone for people to use.

You can follow the instructions here…

I would recommend the latest version of Java 7, and Tomcat 7 and Google Chrome rather than the version mentioned in the slightly outdated instructions.

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@arbaughj Will I be able to put all of those programs on a usb and install them on a server without internet?

@ek88, for sure. Everything can be downloaded and installed later. You don’t have to have Internet on the “server” where they will be installed.

We have a system with tablets, a computer, a router, and a server (Windows Server 2012) that is all set up using a local area network (No internet). We want the database to be accessed and stored on the server, and for this database to be accessed and updated by all devices. What is the best way to do this?

Should we have openMRS running on each device or should each device access openMRS from the server? And how do we connect these devices to the server and run OpenMRS on them from the server?

The general idea is that you should run (only) one instance of OpenMRS on the server, which includes running the OpenMRS web application.

You’ll need to set up the server to have a static IP address on the local network, and each client device should connect to the server via HTTP over the local network.

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This is what we are trying to do but the devices are not connecting to the server

Does anyone know if it would be possible to access and update the mySQL database from multiple devices using a local area network? If so, any useful information regarding setting up a LAN and making the database accessible through this would be greatly appreciated.


Is this link helpful?

in this case every device would not need access to the internet correct? and I would not be able to do this with the standalone version? Sorry for all of the questions… but thank you for the help

Either Michael or I must have misunderstood your question. The way I understand it, you just want clients to be able to access OpenMRS. You’re not trying for a super high-redundancy setup where each workstation would have it’s own Tomcat running OpenMRS.

Either way, Internet isn’t required for OpenMRS, so long as it’s running on a “server” on your local network. Standalone is primarily for testing purposes, not for production use. Especially in the scenario Michael proposed, you would not be able to do it with the Standalone.

Hope this helps.

@arbaughj are the installation steps the same for dedicated Severs like Microsoft 2008,in case we need a single instance to be accessed by multiple clients on a LAN ?


Nothing really changes @tendomart. You will need to have the openMRS running on the server first. To have the rest of the LAN workstations access your openMRS instance, you will add a Windows firewall rule allowing TCP connections to the tomcat port you have openMRS deployed on.