Saving a XML value via a HTML form

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I managed to retrieve the drawn pedigree from the jspedigree container. In order to get the drawn pedigree we can use the following method


and I can re draw the pedigree by feeding this XML to



What I need to do now is that to save this XML via a hidden input box.

any suggestion how I can do this?

You need to POST the form (either normal submit or Ajax call) and in the controller (or servlet) get the XML data, parse it, transform to POJOs and persist them.

Cant we save it in a normal text box? I know it is not the best way. But would not that be an easy way around this problem?

I don’t quite understand what do you mean. Can you invoke getStateXML, store the result in a hidden and do a post ? I don’t see the need of an input text.

Since HTML form entry handles all the data base save function if we use this way we don’t have to implement the saving logic and it would save lot of time in my point of view.

I thought HTML Form was a standard one (as in You mean an OpenMRS form :slight_smile:

I can’t help with that, but I guess you’ll have to do some coding either way.

Thank you for the reply. Lets wait for someone elses reply as well :slight_smile: