SAVE THE DATE! 17-18 July, 2024: OpenMRS Community Virtual Meeting

Hello everyone,

The OpenMRS community will be having the first 2024 showcase meeting on 17th and 18th July 2024 similar to our 2023 November Virtual Meeting .

  • Time: 1 pm - 3 pm UTC
  • Theme: Building Together: Shaping the Future of O3.


  • Showcasing new developments with O3
  • Attracting & Celebrating Contributors: Showcasing the vibrant OpenMRS ecosystem and the impact community members can make by getting involved.


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Let’s Make This Showcase Meeting Awesome!

Hey everyone,

The countdown is on! We’re just a few weeks away from the first-ever 2024 OpenMRS Community Virtual Meeting on July 17th and 18th, building on the success of our November 2023 event. (Mark your calendars!) ️

This is your chance to shape the future of O3 and be part of something truly incredible. ️

Calling all Squads and Implementers! @samuel34 @odorajonathan @eudson @gkinyua @fanderson @chibongho1 @mogoodrich @caseynth2 @mksrom @pauladams @michaelbontyes @jnsereko @grace @mksd @gomare

We’re inviting you to showcase your amazing work at the meeting. Whether you’ve been developing groundbreaking features or tackling complex implementation challenges, we want to hear from you! Sharing your experiences inspires others and fosters collaboration within the OpenMRS community.

Lightning Talks: Your Voice Matters!

Do you have a burning question, a cool project you’re working on, or insights to share? We’re inviting community members to submit lightning talk proposals. Get your creative juices flowing and share your passion with the OpenMRS world!

Together, we can make this online meeting epic!

Head over to the wiki page for all the details on registration, showcase signups, and lightning talk submissions. We can’t wait to see all exciting work that has been done towards archiving a future for O3!

cc: @beryl @wodpachua


Thank you so much @beryl @suubi7 @wodpachua for the work you’re doing to make next week’s Virtual Meeting happen! I’m excited for it.

Some folks are asking: Is there an agenda yet? Could we send that out soon?


Very excited as well @grace , We are working and finalizing on Agenda hope to finalize it and publish it by Monday. We have got exciting presenters lined up for this week.


#July 2024 Virtual Community Meeting Schedule is here!

Ta-da! :tada: and another Ta-daaaaaa! :tada: :tada:

The community meeting is finally just around the corner… we can’t keep calm! Can you? :smile:

Our Meeting Schedule is here too. We invite you to take a look and have a peek at some of the exciting sessions and presentations to expect.

Incase you haven’t yet registered, we encourgae you to do so here and add it to your calendars.

Please visit our Wiki page for more details about the event . Looking forward to seeing you all soon at the meetings!

Building Together: Shaping the Future of O3
@grace @suubi7 @beryl

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