Sample Outpatient Lab Data & CIEL Concepts for common HIV Outpatient Labs

In the MFE Squad, @nmalyschkin is beginning work on the new Test Results display (wireframes here).

@jdick mentioned we may end up needing two next things:

1) Sample Outpatient Lab Test Data

Are any community members aware of a place where we might find such sample data? I’ve reached out to some folks at the OpenELIS team as well to see if they might know of anything like this.

2) CIEL Concepts for common HIV Outpatient Lab Tests

FYI I believe these references will come in handy when we need them. Our wireframes weren’t especially HIV-specific but when we implement this we should have more HIV-outpatient-specific lab examples, since that is the environment where we will first pilot.

Not all the encoded CIEL lab values have a full set of reference ranges; some just have units. I imagine we’d edit our distro concepts to set the high normals ourselves in these cases?

CC @mksd @mseaton @akanter @burke @eachillah

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