running the open mrs server

: Replace this text with one of: Platform, Reference Application, Bahmni, (Other – Please specify) Version Number: Replace this text with the version number of the above application Hello i have failed to connect to the Open mrs server **Am new to all this, i have installed Java 11, eclipse is running well, even docker is installed, except for mysql 5.6: i had issues installing it so i deceided to forego it since there is a provision with docker, i also got the open mrs sdk well built but the server wont run. How should one go over this issue?

what is your server name? for example if it is myserver then

please use mvn openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=myserver

thank you for your reply, that is the point I don’t know what the DserverId is neither do I know the “my server-id” am thinking this(8080)

what do you get when you run mvn openmrs-sdk:run ?

I had tried 3044 instead of 3088, I have used thank you. @mherman22 it has worked mvn openmrs-sdk:run

@kamajo its unfortunate you still need to install maven on your machine am not certain which guide you are using but this guide will walk you through every step and software version you need to install. Besides, the is a step where you need to select which maven version you are running when creating a server using openmrs-sdk-setup command.

okay let me check it again, thank you